Get the most of the 3 main free Google apps

What are the Google apps and what can they do?

When we think about Google, we tend to think about it as a search engine and a web browser, probably the best ones in the world. But, sometimes without even knowing it, we use Google apps from the G Suite.

This suit is very useful and fully integrated in the browser. This means that there is no need to download anything. Like that, you can do your work from every computer, just using a Google account, and starting with a Google Drive account to store your work online for example, and access it from any connected device.

You can pretty much manage all your office work with it. The vision of Google apps is to simplify and reunite all the same place. If you only want to accomplish simple work, such as e-mailing, planning, having share point, it is a very good idea to use the G Suite. Let’s go through the different Google apps in it.

Get the most of the 3 main free Google apps : Google colors in origami - which Google apps to use together?
Google colors in origami – which Google apps to use together?

GMail app

The most famous one. Indeed, whenever you create an account on Google Chrome, you get a Gmail account and email address automatically. Then when you sign up on various websites, you usually have the option to sign up with Google.

And then, few days later, you receive mails on this box that you maybe did not even want. But don’t worry, this non obligatory mailbox is very well made and easy to use. Some hotkeys will help you to go through your mail very quickly.

The biggest problem is when you start to have several mailboxes. With Gmail, you can link all your mailboxes to the Gmail one. This solution will simplify your life. You can find tutorials online. GMail website

Google Drive

A standard Google Drive account is a 5 Go free cloud for every account. It is enough to store most of common office work files. 5 Go might be a bit short to store all your pictures but it’s okay for everything else such as keeping some spreadsheets and basic digital products saved online.

You can still pay to have more space if you need it, or find ways to get more Google Drive free storage such as getting devices from partners, that offer more storage upon registration.

Then, you can use Google Drive as your computer root folder. This way, everything new you create on your computer will go straight to the cloud. Finally, the online Suite is great for team works. Google Docs and Google Sheets are two basics office tools you may need to use.

The Google Drive software is also associated with the Google Cloud Platform as it allows for online storage.

Google Drive website

Google Agenda

We covered mails, organization, storage and content creation, so only one thing is missing: how to organize all your work on the G Suite. That is when Google Agenda has his word to say.

It is one of the easiest calendars you will find online. Simply click to a date to create an event when you want it. You can make them recurrent if it is something you do every week for example.

Google Calendar website

Should you use the free Google apps?

Google apps works well and are safe. You do give all your data to Google, but if you do not mind it too much, it is a good trade. Indeed, when you start using all those Google apps together, it creates a synergy.

For instance, the events you receive by mails will automatically jump to your agenda. Your docs you write will automatically be stored on your cloud. This is very useful to have a simple and effective productivity system.

Get the most of the 3 main free Google apps : Google logo
Google logo