SAP extract Forecasting parameters (MPOP structure)

SAP MPOP structure is not a real table, and is not directly accessible, for example using SE16N (Fig 1). Fig 1 : Accessing MPOP in SE16N Therefore, if we want to extract Material Master's MPOP data for a given set of materials, it must be done by accessing several tables, MAPR (Fig 2) and PROP [...]

Android change keyboard input language

As I got a Nexus 7 Android tablet[1], I also acquired a bluetooth keyboard (the Logitech K810[2], which seems great so far). But, as I have a Swiss-German laptop, got a UK Android tablet, have a Swiss smartphone, and a French keyboard, some keyboard set input problems appears. In case you are in the same [...]

Reach an Oracle table in Access

If you ever tried to retrieve data from an Oracle table in MS Access, you might have experienced the error "Run-time error 3184: Could not execute query; could not find linked table. [IBM][System i Access ODBC Driver][DB2 for i5/OS]SQL0204 - Table in DB Name type *FILE not found. (#-204)" (Fig 1). Fig 1 : Access [...]

SAP define a Partner System for IDoc Inbound Processing

If it ever happened to you, when trying to generate IDocs, to get the information message "No partner exists with the name '', type ''" (Fig 1), you may want to define a "Partner System". Fig 1 : SAP information message error No partner exists with the name, type Don't panic ! It is quite [...]

Remove SAP GUI security notifications

Are you getting annoyed by all these SAP GUI Security notifications (Fig 1), asking you all the time if you want to allow a file access ? Saying each time "Always allow", or any option that includes the "allow" word, might get you crazy... Fig 1 : SAP GUI Security notification Hopefully, there is an [...]

Compare two text files with Notepad++

It often happens, when you have to work with a lot of data, to need to know differences between two sets of text data. A simple solution to know quickly if data set look alike or not, or to have an overview of different lines, is to use Notepad++ [1]. You will also have to [...]

Compare two Excel tables with CSV in MS Access

It may happen to end with two different tables, in which you just want to know what are the exact differences, especially when you manage a lot of data. I propose you a simple way to quickly get differences between two tables - the only difficult part is to get them in the right format [...]

Find a material classification in SAP

SAP's Material Master Classification view (Fig 1) is very particular. Fig 1 : SAP, MM03 classification view It does not contain direct values from one or more tables, but it have values from several tables linked together. Even if the general links are quickly explained online[1], it may be useful to learn how to navigate [...]

LibreOffice get colors back in PDF exports

Since OpenOffice [1] moved to LibreOffice [2], direct consequence of Sun Microsystems bought by Oracle [3], some differences may have been felt, except name change. One of them, on my LibreOffice version (actually 3.3.3), had a particular impact on me : my PDF exports were systematically black and white. For example, while working on a [...]

SAP export LSMW batch input session results

Sometimes, when running an LSMW batch input session (Fig 1), we want to get the results in a useful format - like a spreadsheet, or a raw text file. This to handle, use and compare results. Fig 1 : LSMW menu Once we ran our session, in transaction SM35 (Batch Input : Session Overview), we [...]

Personalize colors for several SAP systems

Have you ever wonder how to change the layout of your SAP frontend ? That is pretty common. But, you maybe also wanted to apply different colors to different systems. This, because you may be working at the same time with a lot of them, which is quite common for several purposes : development; test; [...]

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