Google Cloud Platform benefits

Confused about the cloud? Google has got you covered

It’s 2020 and let’s face it, a day does not go by without anyone speaking of Google. Google today seems to be this magic fairy that can compute almost anything.

We trust Google with most of our questions, so why not trust Google with its cloud based Google Cloud Services?

You may have heard the term cloud computing more and more within the last 3 years and you are not alone. Cloud based platforms are rising heavily in popularity and future clients are choosing Google for such services and the Google Cloud benefits that are coming with using their products.

Why Google Cloud Platform GCP?

So why Google and not any other cloud software you read up about online? Well let’s face it, we all trust Google and Google rarely lets us down, right?

The tech giant is also doing something a bit different in the cloud world. Google offers a cloud platform that is public, whose Google Cloud Services are given to customers on an as-you-go basis. This allows you, the consumer, to use their power and resources to help reach a better range of customers.

The Google Cloud Platform GCP is targeted for any business from small to large that is already well versed in the tech world, but needs more cost efficient Cloud computing and the means to get there.

Google Cloud Platform benefits : Google Cloud Platform servers
Google Cloud Platform servers

What offers Google Cloud platform

Google cloud provides a place where all individuals and businesses can build/run software and use the web to connect to the users of that software. Think of it as a place where thousands of websites are stored on a super network. Using the platform is pretty straightforward.

While in use, Google can track everything from storage, queries, network connectivity and the processor it uses. This reduces the need to rent a server or DNS address per month. The end goal being you having your services available to your users, customers or current employees.

Google Cloud strong points

Google cloud boasts many strong points some of which include:

The ability to learn by example on the Google Cloud Platform GCP. Google provides resources on how to learn the various components of cloud which at first sight can be very overwhelming.

Provides help with the structure and build of applications which often times have many moving parts. Google helps by automating this function and providing software that can aide with the tedious task of app formation.

Google Cloud Platform benefits : Using the Google Cloud products for business
Using the Google Cloud products for business

Google Cloud products and key features

You can find a list of all the services the Google platform provides online, however a few key features include following Google Cloud products:

  • Google Cloud Storage, which accepts any quantity of data and presents data to users in a very useful way.
  • Google Compute Engine, a virtual machine host and the likes to compete with Amazon.
  • Google App Engine, helps those interested in software development with tools integrated in PHP,Python,and
  • Cloud Run, helps software developers deploy applications on a model that has no server, looking like a full hosted website before going live.

Google Cloud solutions and products

Google Cloud products for your business

Of course there are many resources and Google Cloud products that can help you better understand the Google Cloud Platform GCP as a whole. Google is a top competitor in this ever changing tech world, and will not go away anytime soon.

Better opportunities for your business are out there and easily accessible. All it takes is a simple click of the mouse to do so.

Google Cloud Platform benefits : Google Cloud products used for business
Google Cloud products used for business

Main picture credit: Photo by Daniel Páscoa on Unsplash

Google Cloud Platform feedback: Shivank Agrawal, Management Head, Coursesity

We are using Google cloud Computing for the last 3 years.

We run the software on their platforms and we haven’t experienced any bugs in the past.

We have added advantage is like their customer support and the implementation of the latest trends they are in. We didn’t feel any lags in the storage capabilities etc.

We always switch to the alternatives when the client’s budget is going black. As soon as clients are ready to pay for the added facilities and extra care. We wouldn’t think about switching to other cloud services.

Shivank Agrawal, Management Head, Coursesity Shivank Agrawal, Management Head, Coursesity

Shivank is a management head of coursesity blog. He also leads a team of experienced web developers, social media marketing experts, SEO heads on a freelancing basis. He is into online business Consultant with over 2+ years of experience. He has created several websites like,,,, etc. He has been engaged with some clients like King Ayurveda, Fitness Draft, Blossom Delivery, etc.

Google Cloud Platform feedback: Dr. Marko Petzold, CEO/Founder, Record Evolution GmbH

While we have used Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the past, we have now completely switched to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We are using this service for operating our own Data Science and IoT platform. Early kubernetes support was the major reason for switching to GCP. We see no reason to switch back: The Google Cloud Platform has excellent performance metrics and we see this as a long-term solution for us. Dr. Marko Petzold, CEO/Founder, Record Evolution GmbH

Starting out in theoretical mathematics, Marko has strolled through classic academia and a major consultancy where he was responsible for modeling the financing risk project of a large financial institution. In 2015, he became the CEO of the independent Data Science and IoT consultancy Record Evolution GmbH, where he has developed the IoT platform Reswarm and the cloud data science platform Repods.
Google Cloud Platform benefits : Using the Google Cloud Platform
Using the Google Cloud Platform

Your Data – Encrypted. Identity – Anonymous. Internet Speed – Superior.
Your Data – Encrypted. Identity – Anonymous. Internet Speed – Superior.